Solar Umbrella Lights

Solar Umbrella Lights Product Review – 9 feet Aluminum and Steel Solar Market Umbrella

We all enjoy and love the summer heat – but not too much of it though. Good thing Southern Patio has devised its own solar umbrella lights to make our summer perfectly comfortable and fun. They give us convenient shade while out in the sun, and provide us with the necessary lighting in the evening. What’s more are their eco-friendly credentials – no energy-wasters, no pollution contributors, just one efficient solar powered outdoor patio light. Other features:

  • The umbrella canopy is made from polyester material that is designed to resist water and mold.
  • It has an 8-LED hub solar light at the center, and 3 LED lights on each of the 6 umbrella ribs.
  • The solar lights are all in white LED, and there are two available umbrella colors: taupe and sage green.
  • Product dimensions are in inches: 108.3 x 108.3 x 92.5; the shipping weight is around 15 pounds.
  • The solar panel is pre-installed on top of the umbrella.

Product features

This product features an air vent for better air circulation while under the umbrella. It also has a crank system and a tilt mechanism, all for the user’s convenience. The aluminium pole is connected to the snap button for easy set up and for an effortless safekeeping of the umbrella. There are two lighting system – one solar hub light at the center of the umbrella pole, and smaller LED lights on each of the rib. And both of the lighting system has their own separate switches too.

Price value

The original listing price is around $170, but now you can save up to 15% to 25% when you purchase this product. The taupe color variety is priced at $140 to $160, while the sage green type is for $120 to $130. Amazon even sells a used item for only $90 to $100. These are really fairly priced products in their class.

The verdict: great style, but poorly made

Advantages: The shipping of the product is prompt and the item is nicely-packed and in good condition. The color really stands out, and the lights are fabulous for an evening activity. The dual lighting system allows for flexibility – you can choose a more laid back ambiance by switching one of the two light sets on, or you can have a brightly lit garden for reading or cookout by turning on both light sets. Their separate switches are in a convenient location making it easy to control the lights. The price value is all the more reasonable.

Disadvantages: One major problem I encountered was that the central hub light did not work, even when fully charged. The only lights that work were those on the umbrella ribs. Also, even at the slightest wind, the pole bent and tilted on its own. Its tilt mechanism was of no use. It’s hard to reach the manufacturer as there was no live phone representative, only a voice recording asking you to leave a message and a return call will be given. But since then, we haven’t gotten any response from them yet.

In conclusion

If you want to beautify your garden without having to spend too much on your electric bill, solar umbrella lights are the solution. This solar patio umbrella from Southern Patio has an innovative design. Its dual lighting system allows you to set the mood for your garden. However, its poor quality is a major downside. Not being able to use all its features is as awful as a bad customer service.

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