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Solar Solution – Great Alternative Energy Source

Solar solutions to power are proving to be increasingly more valuable. As pollution and global warming increase, traditional energy sources are no longer a viable option. Renewable energy sources, unlike fossil fuel resources, are unlimited. Solar panels information products are springing up everywhere as the technology develops.

It’s incredible to think that the power transmitted by the sun in just one hour, is more than the whole planet uses in a year. Passive solar power is created by designing or redesigning a building to make the best use of sunlight and heat. An example of this is adding a south-facing window or increasing insulation in your roof in order to capture the sun’s heat for longer. Any “passive” adjustments like these would be installed either when the house is initially built, or during major refurbishment. Adding a collector like a solar panel, would be referred to as “active” solar power.

A lot of people think that solar panel technology requires direct continuous sunlight in order to work whereas, in fact solar panels can actually convert any light form that hits them and they are effective in doing this even on cloudy days. For after-dark energy supply, there are two possibilities. Your other option is to use batteries to store any excess electricity generated during the day. Or, as your solar power system creates electricity during the day, any excess can be stored in batteries, which will then run your TV and lights after dark.

Considering increasing concerns regarding global warming and the limited supply of fossil fuels, it’s more important than ever to start to rely on natural energy sources instead of traditional ones. Solar energy systems generate silent, pollution-free power, and they’ve become the most popular source of renewable power. Solar solutions should be on your energy saving toolbox.

Staying connected to the grid while attaching solar panels to the home, is the most common method of switching to solar energy. The power generated by the solar panels is then used by the owner, and any surplus is directed into the grid. The electricity company will pay for the extra energy you provide, and you can draw on the grid after dark when your panels are not absorbing light.

Global energy company, Shell has predicted that 50% of the planet’s energy will come from renewable sources within the next 30 years. Shell is not the only major corporation to join the huge renewable energy development project as a great solar solutions – Total, General Electric and BP are also on board.

The tragic and well publicized BP oil disaster in April 2010 has thrown a significant spotlight on the need and demand for alternative sources of energy, thereby increasing interest in other options such as solar power. There has been a significant adjustment to investment priorities following this oil spill, with US power marketing campaigns shifting more of their focus to renewable power sources and solar solutions are the first one on the list.

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