Solar Energy for kids and DIY Solar Energy Kits

Solar energy is the future of the energy requirements in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries. And, it is important for kids to understand both the generation and usage of this form of green energy. When kids are taught about solar energy, they would be able to make better energy choices in the future. The exploration of DIY solar projects such as building solar cars and solar boats will also help kids in understanding the technology better. In addition, solar toys are also great ways for teaching kids about solar energy.

Solar Cars

Just like homes powered by solar energy, solar cars also run from the energy supplied by the sun. Solar cars convert the sun’s energy into electricity and use this electricity for running. The sun’s energy is collected by using solar panels, and this energy is used for fueling the deep cycle batteries that run the car’s motor. Designers of solar cars consider the basic designs of solar panels and cars so as to create the best possible solar car designs.

In fact, they have to install many solar panels in order to generate sufficient energy for running a car. And, this is can be a complex situation given that there is not much surface area on the top of a car. In addition, they have to build cars that are light. The World Solar Challenge is the most popular solar car race in the world. This race is held in Australia, where cars powered by sunlight come from different parts of the world.

Solar Boats

Solar Boats

In addition to solar cars, solar boats are also interesting solar energy trivia for kids. One of the popular examples of solar boats is the “Solar Sailor,” that is located in Sydney, Australia. It’s Solar Wings can capture both sunlight and wind power for generating electricity. The wings are moved by a computer for getting into a position so that it can attract maximum amount of solar energy and wind. It has larger batteries for storing all the generated electricity.

DIY Solar Panels

There are many advantages of installing your own solar panels using a DIY kit. The various advantages are listed as following:

Cost : When you buy solar panels and get them installed professionally, it can cost you thousands of pounds. And, the overall cost of installation can be recovered only after 8 to 10 years. However, a DIY solar power kit can cost you around a few hundred pounds to install the panels. This would help you to generate clean and free energy throughout the year while keeping your initial costs lower.

Flexibility : When you are using a DIY kit, you would be easily able to make modifications to the size and shape of the panels to suit to your requirements. The regular kits are available in standards sizes that are created on a fit-all basis. The DIY solar energy kits would help you get exactly what you want and this can help you save a lot of money.

Fun : DIY solar energy kits can be simple and fun, so that you can involve your family, including kids, in the entire project. And, this would be a great chance to educate sustainability to your kids. The DIY solar panels would allow you to select the right materials that suit best to your region and weather conditions.

Quality : When using DIY solar energy kits you wouldn’t be running against a deadline which is usually the case with professionals. This would help ensure that you get the best possible quality. The DIY instructions would instruct you the materials to be used and you can also make your own decisions to choose the best quality materials.


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