Solar Benefit Your Business

How Does Solar Benefit Your Business?

With the cost of electricity rising by the day, and the energy regulator forecasting a further 60% increase by 2020, more and more businesses and commercial enterprises are making the switch to solar power. And it’s easy to see why.

Here are 8 reasons to invest in a solar PV system from UK Solar Direct…

1. Reduce Your Electricity Bill

To begin with, there’s the obvious benefit of significantly reducing your energy bills. Once installed, solar panels generate completely free electricity, and with many businesses employing hundreds and even thousands of staff, each with a computer on their desk, plus printers, photocopiers, telephones and other technology to boot, the savings can be absolutely huge!

2. Get Paid For The Electricity You Produce

Any business that installs a MCS approved solar PV system can become a member of the Government’s Feed-In Tariff scheme, which will pay them 21p per kWp for every single unit of electricity that they produce, even if they use it themselves. And what’s more, the payments you receive will be exempt from VAT and price increases (RPI).

3. Sell Your Surplus Electricity Back To The Grid

If your business doesn’t make use of all the energy its solar panels produce, then it won’t go to waste! In fact, you can actually sell this surplus electricity back to the National Grid and make a profit – on a completely free source of electricity.

4. Maximise Your Profits

The fact is, most companies are only occupied during the daytime, when the sun is shining. This means that the electricity being produced can be funnelled straight back into the business each day. The fact that no energy is being used later on at night means that a surplus will build up very quickly, especially during the summer months. This can lead to bigger profits when selling this surplus back to the Grid, and may eliminate a company’s electricity costs altogether.

5. Businesses Can Accommodate Larger Panels

Generally speaking, most commercial premises will be larger than a domestic property. This means that there’s more space to fit a larger number of panels. Although this will cost a little more in the short term, the amount of electricity that it will produce will be far greater, resulting in higher payments from the FIT scheme, and a greater surplus to sell back to the National Grid.

6. Solar PV Systems Are Guaranteed For 25 Years

The Government backed FIT scheme is guaranteed for 25 years, which means that any switch to solar power would be a fantastic (and completely secure) investment for your business. In fact, due to the amount of electricity that a typical business will be able to generate, the solar panels will pay for themselves within 7-8 years, resulting in pure profit from then on for the business.

7. Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly

More businesses are recognising their “green” responsibilities, and are adopting environmentally-friendly business practices as a result. Installing a PV solar panel is one of the best ways of doing this, because not only are you helping the environment, you’re also reducing your energy costs, and generating additional profits for the business.

8. Low Maintenance And Extremely Reliable

Because Solar PV systems have no moving parts, they require very little maintenance. Furthermore, the PV modules are extremely reliable, and with warranties that last a full 25 years, if anything should ever need replacing, you’ll be completely covered.

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