About Us

We have been in the industry of energy saving since 2009, Since then we have help arrange over 12,000 lofts be insulated and 7,600 Cavity Walls. A lot has changed since then, not so much in the products we sell, but more in the efficiency and scale in which we do it. We now have a very good hold throughout the whole of Scotland and the South West of England (Areas Covered). We are growing from strength to strength with each month that goes by and hope to be able to soon diversify our product range even more to give our customers what they want. With the Green Deal, a new Government Scheme, just months away we are very excited in what is in store for this industry as it will be a big shake up for everyone in which the cowboys will disappear in to the background and the organisations which have prepared will strive. We are currently going through tender for our accreditation as a GDAO (Green Deal Advice Organisation) and should be ready just in time for when it all kicks off!

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to generate hot water or electricity. Over the years they have dramatically come down in price and have become much more affordable. Alone they can reduce heating/electricity bills by up to 70% dependent on different factors. You can also claim money back for electricity you generate through the Feed In Tariff and next year a new scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive is looking to be introduced in which you will be paid for the heat your property generates as well.