diy solar power kits

DIY Solar Power Kits – A few Faq’s

Why must I recieve any system?

Do-it-yourself solar power kits are a great way associated with assisting shield the planet, and also allow you to lower your expenses! Certainly producing your own electrical power cuts down on quantity of energy you have, and thus you will find that your own energy costs is going to be reduce. If you help to make replenishable energy in addition, you reduce your reliance upon the particular energy created by using past energy sources, that is significantly risking the earth as a result of climatic change. Therefore Do-it-yourself solar power kits assist you, your bank account, and also our own total earth.

How are you affected when the sun decreases?

A lot of people believe that Do-it-yourself solar power kitskits are only able to operate during the daytime : well this is actually partly true, needless to say solar solar panels are in the most effective when they’re inside sunshine. Even so, the most up-to-date researchers have already been in a position to produce solar sections that happen to be able to produce small amounts of energy from the ir mild obtainable throughout the night. It’s prior to this technology is going to be readily available for Do-it-yourself solar power kitskits, but also in the long run it might be very easy to you could make your own energy Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week! (more…)

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Solar Energy for kids and DIY Solar Energy Kits

Solar energy is the future of the energy requirements in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries. And, it is important for kids to understand both the generation and usage of this form of green energy. When kids are taught about solar energy, they would be able to make better energy choices in the future. The exploration of DIY solar projects such as building solar cars and solar boats will also help kids in understanding the technology better. In addition, solar toys are also great ways for teaching kids about solar energy.

Solar Cars

Just like homes powered by solar energy, solar cars also run from the energy supplied by the sun. Solar cars convert the sun’s energy into electricity and use this electricity for running. The sun’s energy is collected by using solar panels, and this energy is used for fueling the deep cycle batteries that run the car’s motor. Designers of solar cars consider the basic designs of solar panels and cars so as to create the best possible solar car designs.

In fact, they have to install many solar panels in order to generate sufficient energy for running a car. And, this is can be a complex situation given that there is not much surface area on the top of a car. In addition, they have to build cars that are light. The World Solar Challenge is the most popular solar car race in the world. This race is held in Australia, where cars powered by sunlight come from different parts of the world.

Solar Boats

Solar Boats

In addition to solar cars, solar boats are also interesting solar energy trivia for kids. One of the popular examples of solar boats is the “Solar Sailor,” that is located in Sydney, Australia. It’s Solar Wings can capture both sunlight and wind power for generating electricity. The wings are moved by a computer for getting into a position so that it can attract maximum amount of solar energy and wind. It has larger batteries for storing all the generated electricity. (more…)

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Solar Energy

How Does Solar Energy Work ?

If you want to know how solar energy works, the answer is dual in nature. It is as simple as getting warmed up in the sun and it is as complex as installing and using solar panels for generating electricity. Photovoltaic cells are the components in solar panels that transform the sun’s energy into electricity. Basically, moving photons are used in creating electric current inside the solar panels.

Photons get created inside the sun through the fusion of atoms. Any photon takes around one million years to reach the solar surface. Once it becomes free it takes just 8 minutes to reach earth. It is this energy originating in the form of a photon in the sun that is already powering lives on the planet including feeding plants, refreshing and redistributing water and creating other types of energy, including fossil fuel.

In the last few decades, there has been huge growth in the technology designed for harnessing solar power that doesn’t cause any pollution, radiation or noise. In addition, the new source of energy is not affected by the economical conditions that drive up the price of fossil fuels and hydro power every year.

Types of Solar Energy Conversion

Basically there are two approaches for conversion of solar energy into useful energy. These approaches are solar thermal and photovoltaic.

Solar thermal

Solar thermal

Solar thermal approach utilizes the energy from the sun to generate heat directly. In this case, solar panels are used for collecting heat from sunlight and transfer it for a wide range of heating applications including water and space. Usually, this type of solar panels are placed in such a way that they absorb maximum amount of heat from the sun for the maximum period during daytime. (more…)

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