Quality Solar Panels Las Vegas provides Utility Grade solar power for home, business and commercial enterprises. We are a licensed solar panel installer with expertise in solar design, product acquisition and high volume installations. We focus on providing high-quality turn-key solar electric solutions to customers in Las Vegas. Our solar panels come with a standard 25-year warranty, and we design all of our systems to provide virtual maintenance free solar electrical generation system for decades to come.

Quality Solar Panels Las Vegas designs and manufacture solar panels that are of the highest quality and durability possible. The grid-tied and off-grid versions come in several sizes to suit a range of applications, from refrigerating medical supplies to fueling a huge power plant. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality panels at affordable rates. Solar modules feature elegant and modern designs that blend with the surrounding architecture. Enjoy a simpler installation with a unique solar panel framework that is created by cutting-edge technology.

From start to finish, we work hard to make the design, procurement, installation and service as smooth as possible so you can use your time in other places. Our staff will travel to your home or business in order to get a better understanding of your needs and wants so we can implement them into the design. During the initial meeting, we’ll use our proprietary financial software to give you accurate information on how the installation will affect your energy consumption. We will work with you on every step of the way to ensure your happiness.